5 Rules for Scuba Divers: Scuba Diving is Fun, but Make Sure you are Safe

Scuba Divers
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  • 2017-11-30

5 Rules for Scuba Divers: Scuba Diving is Fun, but Make Sure you are Safe

Does anybody know who a landlubber is? A landlubber is a person who has the least idea of the fun and joy that diving and other sea sports can give you. This is simply to motivate people to try scuba diving as this is one of the best sports that you can every play. Having said this, for all you scuba-freaks, you probably know the fun part that is involved in diving, but at the same time, it is important that you also know the risk that is involved in this water sport. So here are some of the tips that you must remember if you are a scuba diver:

Scuba Divers

5 Scuba Diving Rules that you should never forget:

Scuba Diving Gear:

A diver must have a proper diving kit. This is the first thing that you have to take into account in the event that you are going to dive. The diver’s gear should comprise of the things that he will require inside water. He will have to carry things for an unwarranted situation that he might probably have to encounter inside water. In case if a diver is forgetting something he is taking the risk at the cost of his life. So a diving gear is pretty much important for a scuba diver.


It is good if you are a person with good breath control inside water but the case is quite different till you touch the surface of the water. Inside water, it is a must that you control your breath. However it is not correct to do the same while you are diving, that is the time between elevating yourself from the land and landing into the water. Controlling your breath during this interval might provoke suffocation.

Practice well:

Make sure that you have had enough training before getting into the actual event. You are not supposed to dive unless you become well trained and qualified enough to do so. The trouble with most enthusiasts is that they get to the actual event without experiencing the true colors of water. This might be risky for the life of the person. Also, make a note of the age limit and get into the appropriate zone.

Stop when you have to:

It is great to be experimental but again not at the cost of risking your life. The trainers usually instruct their trainees to stop at a particular level after diving into the water. Unless you are professionally into scuba diving or need calls for, you are not supposed to go beyond the prescribed limit. It is usually 15 feet deep and anything more than that, the zone becomes restricted to diving. This limit is called the safety stop, and a diver is supposed to hold himself right there.

A dive computer:

If there is someone along with you all through the process of diving and guiding you through the dos and don’ts, wouldn’t that be great? That is the role of a dive computer. Almost all divers are expected to dive along with a dive computer so that the computer can monitor the depth and the pressure and help the diver with the next move he probably has to make. This is very must helpful for first-timers and new-comers.

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